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I understand the following

  • The equipment requirements and configurations
  • The required audio/video recording format(s)
  • The deadline date/time for submission upload
  • The broadcast time of the Stage Playlist*
  • The winner of each ‘region’ must be available to travel to London and enter Portablist Lounge official.
  • Knowledge that Portablist Lounge official follows a strict equipment requirement at the event with Reloop SPiN turntables and JDD faders.
  • As the event is held in London, a UK winner will receive the same offerings as a mainland Europe/Middle Earth winner
  • 3 nights accommodation (4 nights for Left & Right Earth) are already booked for each ‘Region’ winner. Unless discussed with Portablist Lounge Management prior, all flights, in the first instance, are to be covered by you, the representative. The receipt of payment is to be sent to Portablist Lounge Management. On arrival to the UK for the event, with immediate effect, the full amount/cost will be transferred to you by your preferred method.
  • During you time in London, you will be required to
    • Participate in filming for Portablist Lounge/Beatgeek specific social media broadcasts
    • Include provided social media referencing on all personal posts

online playlist for all viewers uploaded to the youtube channel.

Portablist Lounge Management are legal entities of Turntable Training Wax, Jetpack and Jesse Dean Designs as a collective.

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